Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy Days

OK. So I am a slacker once again...but that's ok, right? No need to stress myself out over blogging.

We had a GREAT visit with Dad & Bon. We saw the sights, ate the food, and soaked up the sun! They left a week ago today...time flies! It seems like they were just here...and now they are settled back in at home. But we have more visitors coming in a week. Jane's friends are coming from home to spend 10 days with us! So, we have to get rested up for more fun. We are all very excited for their arrival.

Jane is working like crazy! They must really love her over at the restaurant, but who doesn't love her???

The 4th of July was fun...Jane had to work a double shift, so Jason and I went over to meet her on a break and have an early dinner. And then he and I made our way back to the condo for the fireworks. We could see them really well from our lanai. No fighting crowds for a piece of grass to sit on...we sat in our own chairs and enjoyed the show. It was nice...although the city has complained that the fire departments throughout Oahu reported over 70 incidences of fire emergencies related to the festivities. People get your explosives under control!

And now its another week...Jason and Jane are working...and I guess I am too...sweeping, cleaning toilets, and doing laundry. Fun for all!

Life is good. Can you believe we have lived in Hawaii for six months???

We need to start working on the next wave of visitors...any takers?