Wednesday, March 25, 2009

We're Even...

Well, this week finds us in a state of turmoil. We found out that a friend has passed. So sad and much too soon.
But as we all know, spring is upon us, which can be turmoil in itself. The only sign of it here is the lack of rain and chilly breezes, but I am sure we have a ways to go.

Jason and I have discussed numerous times about feeling guilty here...we are enjoying this beautiful place and all of these good times, yet we have no family or friends to share them with. We so want everyone to see and feel what we do. I guess its one of those times that people refer to as "bittersweet".

And one of the many times that I send out photos...oh I hope you aren't getting sick of them!

While we are watching the tides roll in, rainbows appearing out of thin air, and seeing the brilliant colors of the Pacific Ocean, most of you (in KY) are seeing the grass turn green again, flowers starting to bloom, and smelling that special fragrance in the air...not to mention the thrill of the horse races about to begin.
So, I guess we can call it "even". Hawaii is apparently "nearly" the same for all seasons. Its been green the whole time we have been here; there have been hibiscus and a few plumeria blooming since we arrived. By the number of people that are in the ocean, you would think that its HOT out there.

We can only imagine that feeling of warmth on your skin from the Spring sun all the while there is still a chill in the air...oh a KY spring. Some things are hard to let go of....But before nostalgia takes over and ruins this beautiful day, I must say that you can only imagine wearing flip flops and t-shirts in January, February, and March...need I bring up the ice storm?
We're even...That's what I would say...Nonetheless, we miss you all and we miss KY, but Hawaii will do for now.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring is here!

Well, time seems to be flying. I guess that's Spring for always went so much faster than any other time of the year for me.
I can't believe that its mid March! That means we will have visitors very soon. Alexandra and Elizabeth are coming on May 15 and Jane is coming soon thereafter. We are so excited!
The weather here has been a little weird. Some days are beautiful and hot, but almost all days there is a shower or storm.
Today is no exception. Its gray outside...everywhere! Apparently there is a weather mass moving over...its causing snow and freezing rain on the Big Island. That still cracks me up to see.
It doesn't seem possible.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The West Side Story

We are finally settled in again. We had to be a bit more creative with storage here at the new place, but everything is all put away.
We found storage trunks and some other items at the new Target on Sunday. We started out going to the Target (Salt Lake) closest to us and when we arrived there, the parking lot was full! There were police and security directing traffic. So, we just passed that one up and ended up on the West side of the island at that new Target (Kapolei). There parking area is much bigger...its connected to a larger shopping center. It was nice and refreshing to be in a Target.
We did a little sight-seeing on the West side. The highlight was Ko'olina. Its a huge resort area with a Marriott hotel and timeshares. It was beautiful!
After leaving the resort area, we drove towards Waianae. We loved the drive for the most part...the highway follows the coast. What we didn't enjoy was seeing all of the homeless camps on the beach. They were everywhere. In some places you couldn't see the water because there were so many tents. It really made us feel for those people. Very sad.
Things have been quiet this week and we don't really have plans for the weekend. So, we may get to relax a bit.
There probably won't be any swimming in the ocean this weekend though...the jellyfish are here. They come about 10 days after every full moon. We will steer clear of that!

Monday, March 9, 2009

The Weekend

Our weekend was definitely fun-filled. Friday night was quiet...we were so tired from moving and unpacking. We went to dinner and came home to chill on the couch.
Saturday, it was raining, but we got had quite a few "bright spots".
Alexandra's birthday party was on Saturday and we tuned in via Playstation Eye. Its like a webcam, but it works with the Playstation 3 and the TV. We loved being able to "attend" the party. We got to see my parents and Jane, Elizabeth's parents, and many other friends. Not to mention, Matt, Elizabeth, and the guest of honor...Alexandra! She was so cute!!! She was happy to see us...she showed us all of her presents when she opened them by holding them up to the TV. How sweet.
After our virtual visit with them, we tuned into see Jason's brothers and parents! So, it was a great day for seeing all of our family. The only things missing were real hugs and kisses.
When we were finished with that, we decided to venture out in the rain.
I carried an umbrella and Jason had a poncho. We made the trek to Waikiki and went to one of our favorite bars, RumFire. They have a great happy hour with live music from 5-7 PM. We slowly made our way back to the condo and had a good night's rest.
Sunday was spent lounging around for the most part. We went to Hard Rock Cafe for lunch. Its really close by...After 22 years, they are actually closing Hard Rock Honolulu in the fall and opening a new location in Waikiki. Then it will be Hard Rock Waikiki.
Our waitor asked where we were from...we said KY...he said well you "sound like home". He is from Lewisburg, WV. He is a young guy....moved here right out of high school, six years ago.
Nice too.
After that, we came home and watched a Netflix. Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist. Cute movie.
So, things here are going well and we are all settled in-again.
We really miss everyone are all welcome to visit anytime! Just let us know.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Another new home...

Well, alot of you already know that Jason and I had to move, due to the condo owner's financial situation. What a hassle! Thank goodness its over. Let's hope that this place is a little more permanent.
Our new location has a great view, we can actually see our old building about two blocks West.
We are right beside the Ala Wai canal and a bit closer to Waikiki. So, not bad.
This place is brand new on the inside...and we are the first to live in this unit.
Jason and I were a bit stressed about the move, but its all becoming a faint memory.
The weather has been a bit crappy, but things are looking better out there right now. The sun is shining bright and the air is clear.
I guess spring is on the way!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Email about our move

Hey All,
Jason and I just wanted to let everyone know that we will, once again, have a new address.
Due to financial circumstances for the owner of our condo, we are being asked to vacate the premises.
She is having some major money issues from making a very bad investment decision (Can you say Bernard Madoff?)She has essentially lost all of her money and must liquidate all assets.
She technically can't force us out because we did sign a one year lease. But we decided to take the highroad and leave before the bank comes knocking.
We have known about this since our third week here and we were hoping the whole thing was a bad dream. Obviously its not a dream, but more like a nightmare. The owner is going to pay our moving expenses and release us, free and clear, from our lease.
We have already found a new place to live and the movers are coming on Thursday.
Once again, we have rented a two bedroom/two bathroom condo with a great view. Its about two blocks closer to Waikikiand we are excited about it.
So, please keep us in your prayers as we once again try to get settled here on our new island home. Its been stressful and frustrating, but we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. We can't win the lottery or get struck by lightning, but we did pick the one condo in Honolulu that we shouldn't have...what are odds?
Our new address is 1551 Ala Wai Boulevard Unit 2601 Honolulu, HI 96815. Phone numbers remain the do email addresses.
We are hesitant to send pictures out, but we probably will...:):) There is no way that lightning will strike twice... Love to all...we miss everyone. Brooke & Jason

Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Concert!

Well, last night was the concert. We had a great time. We rode the Waikiki shopping trolley down about half way to the venue and then we got out walked around, ate a snack and then made our way to the Waikiki Shell. We had to stand in line to get in, but it moved pretty quickly. There were parrotheads and fins everywhere! Our tickets actually turned out to be really good. The place wasn't huge, so all seats were pretty good...even the lawn.
Jimmy did a great job. He said that it was his 30th year playing in Honolulu and that he wasn't going anywhere...he plans for the same time and same place next year. We may have to go again.
He had actually played a concert on Maui, Feb. 24th. There were people in line with us who had been to the Maui concert and came to this one as well...obviously big fans!
We got to hear some not so familiar songs and then of course, all of the classics. Margaritaville, Son of a Sailor, Fins, Changes in Latitude, etc.
One of the backup singers actually took over and sang a song...and there were some local musicians playing as well. Jake Shimabukuro,( ) , playing ukelele & Henry Kapono ( ), who sang and played guitar. They are very well known here and all over the world. They were awesome! During intermission, Jake played "As My Guitar Gently Weeps" (on the ukelele) with accompaniment by the Coral Reefer Band's steel drummer. Very good! And then one of the last songs played was a song called "Duke's on Sunday". Duke's is a local restaurant/bar on Waikiki Beach. Jimmy sang back-up for Henry on this song.
Standing in line for the bathrooms, I made a new friend. A girl standing next to me started talking about how long the lines were and we chatted a bit. She asked where I was from and I said KY. I think she must have known it was somewhere around there because she is from KY too and recognized the accent. She is from Western KY, but lives here now. Her husband is from here and is now deployed to Kuwait. We exchanged numbers and hopefully I will get to see her again.
After the concert, Jason and I made the long, long walk home. We felt too cheap to spring for a taxi...:-) I thought my feet were going to fall off and then it started raining. My pedometer tracked over 16,000 steps for our day! Needless to say, we are both dragging today.