Sunday, March 15, 2009

The West Side Story

We are finally settled in again. We had to be a bit more creative with storage here at the new place, but everything is all put away.
We found storage trunks and some other items at the new Target on Sunday. We started out going to the Target (Salt Lake) closest to us and when we arrived there, the parking lot was full! There were police and security directing traffic. So, we just passed that one up and ended up on the West side of the island at that new Target (Kapolei). There parking area is much bigger...its connected to a larger shopping center. It was nice and refreshing to be in a Target.
We did a little sight-seeing on the West side. The highlight was Ko'olina. Its a huge resort area with a Marriott hotel and timeshares. It was beautiful!
After leaving the resort area, we drove towards Waianae. We loved the drive for the most part...the highway follows the coast. What we didn't enjoy was seeing all of the homeless camps on the beach. They were everywhere. In some places you couldn't see the water because there were so many tents. It really made us feel for those people. Very sad.
Things have been quiet this week and we don't really have plans for the weekend. So, we may get to relax a bit.
There probably won't be any swimming in the ocean this weekend though...the jellyfish are here. They come about 10 days after every full moon. We will steer clear of that!

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