Wednesday, March 25, 2009

We're Even...

Well, this week finds us in a state of turmoil. We found out that a friend has passed. So sad and much too soon.
But as we all know, spring is upon us, which can be turmoil in itself. The only sign of it here is the lack of rain and chilly breezes, but I am sure we have a ways to go.

Jason and I have discussed numerous times about feeling guilty here...we are enjoying this beautiful place and all of these good times, yet we have no family or friends to share them with. We so want everyone to see and feel what we do. I guess its one of those times that people refer to as "bittersweet".

And one of the many times that I send out photos...oh I hope you aren't getting sick of them!

While we are watching the tides roll in, rainbows appearing out of thin air, and seeing the brilliant colors of the Pacific Ocean, most of you (in KY) are seeing the grass turn green again, flowers starting to bloom, and smelling that special fragrance in the air...not to mention the thrill of the horse races about to begin.
So, I guess we can call it "even". Hawaii is apparently "nearly" the same for all seasons. Its been green the whole time we have been here; there have been hibiscus and a few plumeria blooming since we arrived. By the number of people that are in the ocean, you would think that its HOT out there.

We can only imagine that feeling of warmth on your skin from the Spring sun all the while there is still a chill in the air...oh a KY spring. Some things are hard to let go of....But before nostalgia takes over and ruins this beautiful day, I must say that you can only imagine wearing flip flops and t-shirts in January, February, and March...need I bring up the ice storm?
We're even...That's what I would say...Nonetheless, we miss you all and we miss KY, but Hawaii will do for now.


Cindy S. said...

I miss u too :( And don't stop with the pics!! I can't get enough.

Allyson said...

It is truly bittersweet for you. Very similar to when we finished the pergola right before Neal left and this time last year, I was sitting under it and drinking wine and eating pasta...alone. It's a beautiful back porch but it could have been so much more in sharing it with someone I love. But I will remind you of a fact that I constantly had to remind myself of - this is not forever and there are some silver linings so I may as well enjoy them. We certainly miss you - but probably can't properly express it because we are all hyped up on Allegra and Claritin. ;)