Thursday, April 2, 2009

Our Weekend

Well, our weekend was lots of fun. Jason didn't have to work on Friday, so he surprised me with an Atlantis Submarine tour. We went under and visited several different artificial Japanese designed, one Univ. of Hawaii designed, and then some sunken airplanes and ships. The fish were awesome...there were tons of little tropical fish and we also saw green sea turtles (endangered) and spotted eagle rays. Thankfully, no sharks or jellyfish...
On Saturday, we booked a whale watching tour. We knew there was a chance that we wouldn't see any because right now is the end of the season. And, we didn't...bummer. But it was neat to go out on the water and ride around...the waves were huge and choppy...there were several people who suffered sea sickness, but Jason and I made it through.
On the whale tour, we got to see a new perspective of Diamond truly is a picturesque sight. I have pictures, hopefully I will upload them soon.
Sunday brings us to "Double-Movie Day"! Jason and I love going to the movies and watching one feature, walking out, buying tickets for and watching another movie. This particular day, we started with "I Love You, Man" and followed it with "Duplicity". Both were good.
We went to Wahoo's and had some yummy food in between. Nice day and a great weekend.

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