Monday, April 13, 2009


Some of you may know that a goal for me this year was to enter at least six 5K races. I have done them before...Race for the Cure, Midsummer Night's Run, etc. But I decided to vocalize this goal in hopes that I would be more motivated. Jason exercises every day...he probably runs more than a 5K plus sit-ups and push-ups, at least 5 days a week.
I had been trying to walk and get "warmed up" for my races the past few weeks and a new idea came to me...I decided that Jason and I were going to have our own races. I do love entering the charity races and getting the t-shirt and all, but I decided that on our own time, we could have races and still donate the money.
So, yesterday, we held our First Annual Easter Bunny Hop. Of course, Jason could have the ran the whole thing twice before I could have, but we did it together. We walked about 3.5 miles...all the way down the Ala Wai Canal and back to our condo.
We plan on doing theses "races" on special weekends...i.e. Derby, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, etc. The routes will be mapped out prior and we will have a fun finish line back at the condo. I am sure everyone is asking why we don't just run the big races here...well, we can do our races whenever we feel like it...not 8AM and it can be on any day of the week, not just a Saturday. Plus, its fun making up our own. I think the next race will be "The Race to Magic Island". (Magic Island is a beautiful area with walking trails adjacent to Ala Moana Beach Park.)
So, for now we will be having our own fun....and still sending money to our favorite charities and churches.
If you plan on visiting on a holiday or special occasion, you may just have to participate in an Ison family race, so be sure to pack your tennis shoes!!
P.S. We didn't get any cute t-shirts for our race, but we decided that UK t-shirts would be our standard racing attire...;-)

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Cindy S. said...

What a fun idea! Will there be a manatee preservation race soon? LOL!