Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Let's see...what's new. Not a whole lot. Jason and I had a fairly quiet weekend. Friday we stayed in to eat dinner and watch Friday night TV...usually Dateline or 48 Hours. We missed the Friday night fireworks, again! They are supposed to be at 8 PM, but we have discovered its anywhere between 7:15 and 8:15. They only last a few minutes and we can't see them from anywhere in our condo. But we can see the reflection of the lights flashing on the water and other buildings. Maybe this Friday...
Saturday, we went to Waikiki to wander around. We realized that they were having Spam Jam. We have no clue why something so "big" wasn't more advertised. Hawaiians love Spam and they dedicate this entire festival to it. Music, booths, contests, etc. I felt like I was back home at Mountain Heritage.
We also walked on the beach that evening. We saw the lifeguards pulling up "Shark Sighted" warning signs. That didn't deter the swimmers. And then we made our way to one of the live Hawaii cameras, this one was at the Duke Kahanamoku statue. You can find these at . Anyway, we went there and called Jane...and then Katie & Beaver. It was about 5:30 our 11:30 PM in KY. But they all tuned in and saw Jason and I in a sea of tourists waving at the camera.
Our Sunday was spent at the Maritime Museum. We were thinking that this was a small little place, but looks can be surprising. It took us an hour to rush through the museum, because they were closing for the day. We definitely didn't allow enough time. We also made our first trip to the Diamond Head area. We didn't climb up, but we scoped everything out. Our eyes were caught by a poster that listed common birds for the area. Most birds around here aren't the tropical kind. There are doves and pigeons, mostly. We have seen cardinals and some sea birds, as well. But the poster listed one of the most common birds here as a Kentucky Cardinal. How funny! We didn't know that there was a specific cardinal for our state, because its also the state bird for about 3-4 other states. But here in Hawaii, they call it a Kentucky Cardinal.
So, once again we had a nice weekend.
And in case you are wondering, I went to sailing class last week and I plan on going again tomorrow. I may be getting through my anxiety enough to actually not dread going.
The more I write on the blog, I realize that its mainly a journal of what Jason and I do in our spare time...Maybe one day, I will write something a bit more meaningful and insightful. ;-)


Allyson said...

Well I personally love to hear what you all are doing in your spare time - and living vicariously, of course!! Thanks for the post. (and I haven't forgotten about your msg on Facebook - I wanted to give myself enough time to actually sit down and write. ;) So, I'll do that tonight!)

Cindy S. said...

I love hearing about what you guys are doing!! Next time you're at the camera call us too :)