Thursday, June 11, 2009

I'm a slacker... long time no blogging. Things here have been kind of busy. I will just give a brief update of things for now and then resume "true" blogging on another day.
I ended up having to quit my sailing class...I had some sinus issues and missed several days. It was too much for me to make-up, so I will try and take the class again in the Fall.
Jane arrived and has been here for a month already! Where does the time go??? Elizabeth and Alexandra have came and went...we had a great two weeks! Alexandra is so cute and she talks all of the time! It was fun to have them here.
Jane has a job as a hostess at a restaurant called Islands. She seems to like it and she is getting experience in the hospitality industry.
Dad & Bon are coming for a visit...this Tuesday! I can't believe it! We are very excited. And then later in July, two of Jane's friends are coming (Abbie & Lesley). And, last but not least, in August, Ronald, Susan, and Aunt Tammy are coming.
We are definitely enjoying the company and we really appreciate everyone taking their vacations here to visit.
Jason found out "officially" this week, that he is promotable to Major. We aren't sure when the promotion will take place, but it should be in the next couple of months! So, congrats to my sweet, smart husband. I'm very proud!
The flowers are in full bloom around here, hence my sinus/allergy issues. But everything is very pretty. There are lots of colors, shapes, and sizes of beautiful flowers.
Jason's birthday is on Saturday. So, we have plenty of reasons to celebrate these days.
I hope to put up pictures and blog more soon. Hugs to all ;-).

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Cindy S. said...

Congrats to Jason :) Can't wait to see pics of all the flowers!