Thursday, September 10, 2009

I finally blogged again!

I'm baaaack! I decided to take a vacation from blogging. And what a vacation it was! We had such a great summer. Jane's friends obviously came and went and then Jason's parents and Aunt showed up!
We had a great time with all of our guests. And we were sad to see them all go...especially Jane. :-( It was so nice to have her here all summer. And once again, time flies. She left a month ago today! I can't believe it.
So, September starts our 9th month here in Hawaii. We really love the beauty of Oahu, but we just wish we were closer to home. But we are here for a reason and everything will work out just fine. Its just hard on us have to miss out on birthday parties, cook outs, game nights, etc. A friendly face and a hug would be nice, too.
I finally got off of the island...but only to go to another island (Maui). But let me tell you, that was better than nothing! And we loved Maui. It was beautiful and quite different from Oahu. The area we stayed in kind of reminded us of Hilton Head. And you can't go wrong with Hilton Head.
And, we are coming home in October! Woohoo! Can't wait! Jason has a meeting in Washington D.C. and we are planning our trip around that. I get to stay for about three weeks! Jason will be in town about a week and a half. We are definitely looking forward to it.
The downside of everything is that we are moving AGAIN. Yep, lightning did strike twice. They sold our condo and they are paying us off...we just received our Notice to Vacate. They gave us 45 days to find a new place...but being professional movers, we had pretty much already found a place before getting our notice. So, we are moving on up! We are signing a lease today for a condo on the 35th floor of our building. Thankfully its the same floor plan, so we know that our furniture will fit. We are pretty happy about it.
Jason and I have considered putting all of our stuff in storage and just living in furnished condos...that way when we have to move, we just have to pack a suitcase or two. Not a half bad idea.
We are still looking forward to Jason's promotion, which will take place in October. I think the pay raise actually kicks in on October 1 and then we plan the pinning on ceremony. Its been a long time coming and he is definitely deserving.
That's it for now...until next time ;-)


Corey said...

Good to hear from you again!! Tonya, Emma, and I enjoy your updates. I'm glad you had a break last labor day weekend. We can't wait to see you guys next month!!

Allyson said...

I lurved your pics from Maui and will be showing them to Neal in an effort to get him to agree to bring me down next year!! Sans baby, of course, because we need to have some FUN! Glad to see you haven't abandoned the world of blogging. See you soon!

Cindy S. said...

Welcome back to the blog world :) Congrats to Jason on his promotion!!! Can't wait to see you!