Friday, January 8, 2010

This is THE year!

OK.  So here I go again...the vow to lose weight, get in shape, and free my mind from all of the negative thoughts that I have.  I am already doubting myself.  Even saying (typing) those words makes me feel this heavy unseen pressure.  Where is that coming from???  I feel like I am in a force field.
Either way, I have rejoined Weight Watchers online...which I know works like a charm...if I can stick to it.  And I am also signed up for a race in February.  Not just any race, but The Great Aloha Run.  We run or in my case, walk, from the Aloha Tower to the Aloha Stadium.  That's alot of Aloha's getting tossed around.  Its an 8.15 mile race.  Yes, that is a distance that is usually covered in a car, but not this time.  What was I thinking??
I was thinking that a friend asked Jason and I to sign up.  You see, he is a walker, but his wife is a convenient, as I am a walker and Jason is a jogger.  Now we have race buddies!  I am sure that I can walk the 8.15 miles, but in how long?  I am guessing it will take me at least 2 hours.  And by the lack of training I am currently doing, maybe even longer.  Before Christmas, I was walking least three miles.  I know its not even HALF of what I need to walk for the race, but it was easy.  So, I am just assuming that I will cross the finish line on my own accord...not on a stretcher or in a wheel chair.
Please, if you will, send lots of positive motivational thoughts my way...for the diet and the race.  I have yo-yo'd one too many times and like always, this is the LAST time.  Although this is the longest YO towards the big side, I hope I can recover.  And I miss the trim days...the enjoyment that I received from shopping is a distant memory.  I keep trying to recapture the glory days.  Will this year be the "year"?  Let's hope or you can expect a similar blog this time next year.  ;-)


Allyson said...

Girl...this year is totally going to be THE year!! Weight Watchers online worked fantastically for me as long as I was accurate and honest with writing everything down. And the race is great motivation! Set your goals, keep track, keep your eye on the prize. And you better believe that I'll be checking in on you so NO SLACKIN'!!!

Corey said...

I know you can do it!! Click here for a pretty comprehensive list of restaurants and points for some of their meal items. Crappy website but a nice list nonetheless.