Monday, November 23, 2009

Our not so "new", new condo

I guess most of you know that Jason and I moved within our building about two months ago. We moved up 9 flights and into a condo that had previous tenants. That was such a relief to me!  We were the first tenants to rent the downstairs unit.  I was totally stressed all of the time trying to make sure we took care of the brand new granite countertops, the travertine bathroom, the Wenge hardwood, and the stainless-steel Viking appliances. Then we had to move...I wasn't sure what I would think about being higher in the sky, but man I am so relaxed. It feels like a dream. Two bachelors had lived here prior which means that everything has been throughly broken in.

There are stains on the carpet (no more hardwood), the walls are scuffed, the appliances are broken in, and I left my OCD downstairs! WHOO HOO! Oh, did I mention that the dishwasher is broken and the garbage disposal was full of plastic, metal, and DVD wrappers? HAHA! Gotta love the single lives of those Air Force pilots.

So, no more obsessive cleaning or nightmares about scratching the hardwood floors for me!

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