Monday, January 4, 2010

Merry Christmas

So, Jason and I made it home for Christmas!  We had a wonderful two week visit.  One highlight of our trip was getting to see snow!  The snow came down in the biggest flakes I have ever seen!  It looked like someone tossing snowballs around.  It was a wet, heavy snow which stuck beautifully to all of the trees.  Of course that led to a power outage.  We weren't planning for that when we left beautiful, sunny, warm Hawaii.  The power went down about 10:30 on Friday night and was restored 24 hours later.  Matt and Alexandra were with us at Dad's and we were totally surprised that Alexandra was never bothered by the power being off.  I think she may have asked us to turn a light on a couple of times (because she couldn't see to play with her dolls).  She also asked if I had turned out her nightlight and could I please turn it back on.   She was asleep when the power came on, but the next morning, she saw the Christmas lights shining and said "The power is back on!!".  We cooked with the help of propane tanks and used Coleman lanterns to light our way.  If you have the ingredients, gourmet meals can be prepared on portable Coleman grills.  Stuffed mushrooms & buffalo chicken dip for dinner...bagels fried in a cast iron skillet for breakfast.  And let us not forget the "endless" pot of coffee.  It was fun while it lasted, but we were definitely ready for the lights to be on.  Unfortunately, some were without electric for a week!
Another highlight was getting to see UK play basketball.  Merry Christmas to us!  We went on December 23rd and watched them play Long Beach State.  We had a great time.  Jane, Katie, Beaver, Jason, and I were decked out in BIG BLUE and really enjoyed the game.  The boys were the happiest, of course.
But, the best part of all was getting to visit with our family and friends.  We had Christmas Eve bingo at Jason's grandmother's house and Christmas Eve gumbo with my folks.  These are two long standing traditions in our families.  We are so glad that we didn't have to miss them!
Merry Christmas all!


Allyson said...

I am SOOO glad you all got to come home for Christmas - and that I got to see you. I can't believe how much snow you all got. We got a dusting but not nearly enough to knock out power. Looks like your resourceful family managed to pull it off, though! :D Just makes for a better story. Hope you're feeling better. I got a horrible head cold on NYE (we ended up having to cancel our party because of it) so I feel your pain. I would not have wanted to fly with it, though. Glad you're "home" safe! And no major security issues at the airport.

Cindy S. said...

So glad you got to spend Christmas in Kentucky :) Jarrod's folks went 9 days without power. It was crazy there on Christmas Eve.