Friday, February 6, 2009

Aloha and Mahalo

Aloha! Did you know that Aloha means "hello" and "goodbye"? Just depends on the context you are using it in. Also, Mahalo, means "thank you". We are slowly but surely learning all of these little things. Like the written Hawaiian alphabet uses only 13 letters...5 vowels and 7 consonants and let's not forget the ( ' ). Native Hawaiians speak Pidgin...we haven't heard much of this, but there are heavy accents around here. Jason and I have had lots of fun learning to properly pronounce street names...we still aren't sure we say things right until we hear someone else say it. How would you pronounce Nuuanu? Well, it goes like this...Nu-oo-ah-nu. Let's try another...Piikoi. Pee-ee-koi Make sure you say the center syllable really fast.

But, you won't believe how many people ask where we are from. They catch a heavy Southern drawl. Some think Alabama and others think North Carolina...but they always give the nod of understanding when we say Kentucky.We have been spending some time getting familiar with our area. We have found several restaurants we really enjoy. Ryan', not the chain restaurant...Wahoo's Fish Tacos...Islands Bar & Grill. We have a pretty good idea of when Happy Hours are at each of these. It makes for much cheaper dining. The "Pupus" are usually half price and there are some drink specials at each, as well. Like I have said earlier, there is a HUGE Asian influence here. So, the appetizers are called pupu and almost every menu has spring rolls, lettuce cups, potstickers, and sushi on it. But there are the old faithful appetizers...onion rings, wings, sliders, and nachos. Something for everyone! We have had some really interesting and delicious food since arriving.

Jason's work is going well. He has a short commute to his office on Ft. Shafter. I think its about 7 miles, but it takes around 30 minutes for him to get there from here during rush hour. Sometimes its a little longer in the evenings. He is still learning his way through his new job, but he is enjoying it. Hope all is well...

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