Friday, February 6, 2009

So much to see

Well, here I sit again. There are so many things to tell you about I am not sure where to start. Jason and I got all of our things neatly placed into our condo. We were very worried about havingenough room for our furniture, but it is all in with room to spare. We love our condo. Its very convenient to just everything. Shopping, restaurants, movies, the beach...we surelucked out!

We are still learning our way around and we haven't gotten to see alot yet, but hopefully we will venture outsoon. Moving is such a hassle! Especially to a new state...there are so many things to do...change our address, registerthe car, find the grocery stores and gas!

I know most of you are in the midst of winter, but we are here too. The news keeps talking about winter storms. In translation, high winds, cooler temps, and rain! YUCK! Kind of reminds me of spring in Kentucky.

It gets dark about 7 around here and the sun rises somewhere between 6-7AM. But we will eventually get longer days...can't wait for that!

We saw a whale out the front window of our condo the other day. We couldn't believe it! We could see sprays of water coming out of its blow hole and big tail flaps. We confirmed this with our binoculars. Its whale season here...they come to the islands to calve from January to March. I think the other islands get more whale action and other parts of Oahu see more than here where we are.

From the window we can also see the Honolulu shares runways with Hickam Airforce Base. So, we are constantly seeing a mix of commercial airliners and military aircraft taking off. I LOVE watching the military jets take off! They are almost always in pairs and I am totally amazed at their speed and sound. WOW! We see lots of ships and submarines as well. There are cargo/container ships, military ships, military and tourist submarines...and let's not forget all of the personal watercraft...sailboats, speedboats, and canoes.Sometimes I look out and all I can think of is the game of "Battleship". We also love to watch the longboat rowing teams. Its so cool to see them glide through the water...they are out past the surf where its calm.


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