Friday, February 6, 2009

Fireworks anyone?

Ok, so we have made our way several times down to the Waikiki area. Mainly because Hale Koa(the military resort) is there. We can't believe the people and shops! All of those fancy stores in the mall have stores at Waikiki...2 miles away! Coach, Verace, Armani, etc. There are so many people there! Just out of curiosity, who has been to Gatlinburg in July? Swarms of people...walking, shopping, eating! Hello, this is a ramped up Gatlinburg. Its beautiful and fancy, but super January. I wonder what the summer will bring.

So, one thing that throws us for a loop is the use and love of fireworks. All of the time! Every Friday night, as a matter of fact. Apparently the Chinese here consider it a cultural thing and they shoot off fireworks all of the time. That's another issue in the news, laws affecting the personal use of fireworks. Chinese influence is big...considering there is a Chinatown here...and they are none too happy with the possibility of not being able to shoot off their fireworks. Of course the laws are only being discussed for the safety and protection of the people.

This leads me to the Wal-Mart ad in the newspaper...Get all of your supplies for Chinese New Year at Wal-Mart. Not used to that, but we are adjusting...but it does explain some things. Aren't most things at Wal-Mart made in China? Teehee...

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