Friday, February 6, 2009

Home Sweet Hawaii

Ok, so Jason got home from Kansas City a week ago. We were both glad that he was back. I spent my week cleaning, going to the dentist, and I made a trip to the movies.

But everything went well with was really cold. His face was chapped from jogging in the cold air...bless his heart.

We are in the process of buying a car. We found a slightly used Jeep Liberty on Craigs List. After researching it, we think its a really good deal.

If you have noticed, I have a lot of posts on the blog that seem "old". Yes, I wrote them but didn't publish them right away. I was trying to find a good blog site to hopefully this one works out.

We finally bought snorkel sets this week. But we have yet to go out and use them. I have only been in the ocean up to my thighs...its a little chilly right now. And we have been here a month and I still don't have a tan. A little disappointing, I know.

Maybe this weekend we will get a chance to go to the beach again.

The Pro Bowl is here this weekend...We don't have any intentions of going, but its all over the TV and radio. So, I am sure its a good time.

Have a good evening!

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Cindy S. said...

LOVE reading all about Hawaii! Keep it up and post pics too :)

By the way, you can actually go back into your old posts and change the date as needed if you want to. You click "edit" and then click the "Post Options" on the bottom left. There's a date and time on the right and you can change it there. Just thought I'd pass that info along incase you wanted to do that.