Friday, February 6, 2009

In the beginning...

So, here we find ourselves in Honolulu, Hawaii. Its definitely a long way from home...and the culture is much different, as well.We arrived safe and sound to this bustling metropolis on the beach, January 2. Jason's boss and his wife (Fred & Donna) met us at the airport with smiles and leis. We got a true Hawaiian welcome. They continued their hospitality throughout our first weekend here.We were treated to a guided tour around base, lunch, and a home-cooked meal at their house. It was a great way to get introduced to our new home.We spent our first few nights on Tripler. The accomodations were a little sub-par and I won't even rehash the experience with the centipede. But we quickly found a beautiful condo overlooking the Ala Moana/Ward area of Honolulu, not to mention panoramic views of the Pacific coast. We can see the airport, several harbors, and as far as the eye can see over the ocean. We learned quickly that there is a huge Asian influence here. Its only polite to take your shoes off at someone's front door and we never go out without seeing a noodle house or sushi restaurant. We are still getting adjusted to our new surroundings, but so far so good.

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