Friday, February 6, 2009

The State of the State

Well Jason is off to Kansas City. Three weeks here and he has to go back to the mainland. Its supposed to be super cold there! He isn't really looking forward to it and neither am I. I would prefer to not be alone and he doesn't feel like flying all day again. But, the job is the boss.

On another note, the Governor of Hawaii, Linda Lingle, gave her State of the State address.

The main topics were about energy consumption and the Ceded Lands. She says that Hawaii is the nation's most oil dependent state...220,000 barrels per year with a cost of 700 Billion dollars. WOW! Could not believe it! But there are tons of cars, trucks, and planes here. Not to mention tiki torches...not just any tiki torches...these are connected to gas lines at nearly every restaurant and bar in view. They just flip a switch and they run much like a gas fireplace. No citronella. The positive here is that there are already windmills, solar, and geothermal power sources in the works. There is a huge wind farm and alot of the houses have two or three solar panels on the roof...and they are investing the geothermal sources. She also talked about Hawaii's food imports. 85% of the food consumed here is imported. She stressed the importance of consuming locally grown food money and sustain local farmers. Then there was the highway modernization plan...there is a huge traffic problem on Oahu. This is a six year plan to update the highways and do more planning. Its a mess at rush hour. It was interesting to see a new state government at work and we find ourselves intrigued at to what is to come. I think the State of the State pertains mostly to Oahu...Honolulu...the most inhabited Hawaiian island. Until we meet again...

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