Friday, February 6, 2009


The military is everywhere here...not that I mind. I think some people do...but what are ya gonna do?

There is Fort Shafter, Schofield Barracks, and Tripler...all Army. Then we have the Kaneohe Marine Corp Base, Pearl Harbor Naval Base, Hickam Airforce Base, and the Coast Guard is here too.

The military is the largest employer in Hawaii, so I guess its not necessarily a bad thing. And then you have to think of all the civilians that work on base too. Pretty widescale.

Did I mention that we feel really safe here?

We do most of our shopping at the Naval Exchange. Its awesome! Cheaper than local grocery stores and tax free. We can't beat it!

So, this is kind of funny...On the TV guide channel there is always some background music playing as the channel listings scroll up...our favorite by far is a Hawaiian version of Country Roads. Jason and I sing the original because we can't really understand the lyrics, but we keep trying...I will google and see if I can find and post the lyrics.

We have been watching all of the people out in the ocean trying to surf. There aren't huge waves on this side of the island right now, but they sit out there all day and wait. Its fun to watch.

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