Monday, February 16, 2009

Honolulu Screamer & Bob McCowan

On Sunday, we booked a trip with the Honolulu Screamer!!! a roller coaster on the ocean. We were totally soaked by the time it was over. I would highly recommend this anyone visiting in the future.
The highlight for two UK fans was a chance meeting with a former UK Alum. We were strolling along the marina at Kewalo Basin and stopped at a charter fishing booth. We happened to notice several UK stickers among the Polaroids of fishermen with their catch. We were looking around when the Captain stepped off of his boat. He asked if we needed anything and we said that we noticed the UK stickers. He said he graduated from UK in 1973.
So after his introduction, he told us that he used to play basketball for Adolph Rupp. His name is Bob McCowan. He said that he was a starting point guard for UK.
We were totally amazed to have run into him...and then just like any nice fellow, he told us we were welcome on his boat for a visit and conversation anytime. He was happy to see two more UK Alum and offered to introduce us to all of his friends.
We told him we would love to stop back by for a visit. We really enjoyed meeting him and seeing his big BLUE boat.So, hopefully a future blog will be about our trip back down to the Blue Nun Sport Fishing boat to hang with Captain Bob on his sea vessel, the Blue Nun Too.


Anonymous said...

bob is lazy, and we caught nothing. total rip off.

Brooke said...

Dear Anonymous,
I have never been on Bob's fishing boat, so I can't speak about his services. My blog was written a year ago with much excitement after meeting a former UK basketball player. My husband and I both graduated from UK and had only been in Hawaii for a few weeks when we met him. So, I am sorry you had a bad experience...better luck next time.