Friday, February 6, 2009

Very Interesting

One thing I have wanted to mention, but have hesitated to, is the number of homeless people here. But I will give them credit, if I were going to be homeless, why not do it paradise...right?The public parks are full of homeless camps and you can spot tents and make-shift shelters along the roads and under the bridges and overpasses. Its frequently discussed on the news...its a big issue. They are constantly making and changing laws that affect the enacting curfews on the parks at night in hopes that they won't camp there...and they have been trying to open more shelters. Its sad but its a fact...

We have been learning about the surf warnings and jellyfish warnings for our area beaches. Apparently jellyfish show up every month without fail, 10-12 days after the full moon. I think they come out for romance. So, the lifeguards automatically post warning signs as soon as the first one is spotted. Great...something else to be scared of...I think I may find a full body chain maille suit. That would protect me from sharks and jellyfish!!

We have also been able to start understanding the peaceful protests that take place here. Native Hawaiians aren't thrilled with being a state and they are very protective of the ceded lands. There are organized protests at the Iolani Palace and at some of the parks nearly every weekend. Its a little unnerving in my mind...a peaceful protest is a protest nonetheless. I feel awkward when I see the Hawaiian flag flying upside down and hear the chants and see the signs. I have been trying to read more about I will fill you in...or you can research it as well.


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