Friday, February 6, 2009

Out & About

Well, we finally made a trip halfway around the island. It was absolutely beautiful! We are still in shock a bit that such a large city is sitting right on the coast, but as we traveled around the island, it was more residental and less busy.There were so many places to stop and stare. Overlooks and beaches. Beautiful! Getting closer to the North Shore, there were huge mountains and plantation areas. We stopped and had lunch from a shrimp truck. We were thinking fresh caught shrimp, yum!! But they are farm raised...right there next to the coast....big shrimp farms. But they were good nonetheless. We got to see some big pipeline waves...but huge water. We couldn't believe our eyes. Waves crashing one after another, big waves. The bigger the waves, the more the spectators cheered. It was great! There was also a lifeguard with a megaphone telling us to stay back from the shore for our own safety. He said that the water was unpredictable and dangerous...Coming home from our trip, we came through the center of the island on one of the freeways. We passed the turn off for Dole and there were lots of agricultural areas. I was a bit surprised that the freeway was so big! 6 lanes in one direction...what??? I surely wasn't expecting that. Hopefully soon we will get to finish our trip around the island and see the rest of the sights here...but why the rush...we're gonna be here a while.:)

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